Femme Fatale Studio
is a creative studio of visual,
interactive & immersive experiences.


We produce and craft
experiences to live.

Unique experiences that physically and emotionally engage the general public.

On-site installations
Clips & Motion Design
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
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Museums & Culture

For international cultural institutions, we create educational and entertaining content in the form of interactive and audiovisual installations to be experienced in a museum pathway. We also accompany the production of documentaries and audiovisual programmes for the general public.


We develop a wide range of interactive and animated entertainment: web experiences, music videos, VR narrations, visual and sensitive experiences that accompany original universes and stories.

Brands & Content

We work for leading international brands, helping them to express their identity and reach their audience in a way that is new, exciting and engaging. Whether online or in-store, the aim is to reach the audience and create a real community.

We place our graphic and technological expertise
at the service of brands and the cultural world
to create new worlds to explore.

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