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Dream Builders VR

Femme Fatale Studio

A gigantic elephant in place of the current Arc de Triomphe in Paris... A monumental and poetic sphere dedicated to the scientist Isaac Newton... A transparent city suspended in the sky...
History is full of monuments that were never built. Because of their technical audacity, their excessiveness or because of the course of History which swept them away, these architectures remained as drawings on paper.
Carried by the inimitable voice of Arthur H, Dream Builders offers a poetic and documentary journey in Virtual Reality to discover the architectural utopias of yesterday and today. In a collection of 10 five-minute episodes, we will discover 10 monuments, 10 eras and 10 utopias.

Directed by Arnaud Desjardins, produced by Femme Fatale Studio.

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Cenotaph for Newton VR

"The Cenotaph for Newton" is the first episode of our VR series "Dream Builders".
This pilot explores the Cenotaph for Isaac Newton, an utopian moment imagined in 1784 by Etienne-Louis Boullée, whose spherical shape is a direct allegory of the Earth, as a grand and spectacular tribute to the famous scientist, as well as to the philosophy of the Enlightenment.

The Spatial City VR

"The Spatial City" is the second episode of our VR series "Dream Builders".
Imagined by Yona Friedman in 1959, then constantly reworked throughout the 20th century, The Spatial City is a futuristic concept, where a glass structure raised on stilts extends like a ribbon over existing cities.


Femme Fatale Studio · 8 Temps

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