• Conception design

  • Artistic direction

  • Animation

  • Technical development

Immersive Mona Lisa - Interactive

RMN Grand Palais · Louvre Museum · Mardi8

Conception, art direction and technical development of the interactive devices for the exhibition "Immersive Mona Lisa". This immersive experience offers visitors to discover Leonardo da Vinci's famous masterpiece in new ways, to travel through its history and to get closer to its pictorial dimension. Composed of various sequences, the exhibition invites visitors to go back in time, starting with the actual icon and leading to the early days of its creation, to better understand where Leonardo's genius lies and why this portrait is still so fascinating five centuries later. In addition each chapter is followed by interactive content, adding a complement to the topic in a playful, pedagogical or poetic way.

Spectacular landscapes of Norway

National Museum of Norway · Mardi8

Interactive installation