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Femme Fatale Studio

In "Lucida", explore a world that is both strange and familiar, a wild land with no rules, a country with infinite borders, the last human continent ever mapped: dreams!

Available on computers and home consoles, "Lucida" is an adventure game where you are an 'onironaut', a dream traveller who, thanks to an experimental technology, enters the dreams of his patients to cure them of their psychic disorders.
 You will have to move through their dream visions, going deeper and deeper into their mind. You will move through a changing and unpredictable world as you approach the depths of your host's subconscious.

Be careful not to lose your way in this enchanting and disturbing kingdom, never lose your lucidity as a dreamer, as this world holds many wonders but also many dangers!
And remember: anything can happen in a dream...

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