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  • 3D Modelling

  • Technical development

Colour in architecture

National Museum of Norway · Mardi8

This installation is presented in the National Museum of Norway (Nasjonalmuseet).
Today, functionalism is associated with the whiteness of Le Corbusier's architecture, but it was not always so. In the past, the architect Arne Korsmo tried other colours in his work, creating contemporary Norwegian architecture.
Today, when someone builds a house, it has become common to use the famous "Color Picker" developed by Alf Bjercke in 1931. The same will be true when visiting Nasjonalmuseet: in a 3D reproduction of a functionalist-inspired living room, the public can choose, with the help of a predefined colour chart, all the colours of the living room walls and change them at will. With this device, visitors will be able to play with and discover the famous colours rooted in Norwegian culture that have contributed so much to the country's aesthetic.

With the loom as a weapon

National Museum of Norway · Mardi8

Interactive installation