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  • Directing

  • Illustration

  • Animation

  • Artistic direction

  • 3D Modelling

  • Motion design

  • Technical development

Oman National Museum

Oman National Museum · Mardi8

The mission of the Oman National Museum is to tell the story of the Omani people, their history, their territory and their culture.
Femme Fatale Studio was in charge of designing and producing some fifteen interactive or audiovisual multimedia devices for the museum's permanent exhibition. Interactive games, didactic and spectacular animations, screens, tables and tactile walls: the aim of all the devices is to create a coherent narrative around the Sultanate, which interweaves past, tradition, future and modernity.

Production in progress, scheduled to open in 2022.

Oman's fauna and flora

This interactive map allows visitors to explore the richness and diversity of Oman's landscapes and ecosystems, which are home to a multitude of unique plants and animals in harmony with their environment.

Building a nation

A room with large LED walls presents the life and quotes of Sultan Qaboos who, from 1970 onwards, modernised the country and really launched it into the 20th century. It was also during his reign that Oman took off internationally and truly opened up to the world.

Political institutions in Oman

This large-scale audiovisual display allows visitors to understand the functions, responsibilities and powers of the Omani Parliament. Visitors will learn about the roles of the key people involved in these governing bodies, as well as the values and ideals that drive them.

Stories of Oman’s heroes

This experience is dedicated to the security forces of Oman. Large interactive panels allow visitors to walk through and listen to the stories of courageous acts, discovering men and women who have put the safety of the population above their own lives.

Services Men and Women

The Sultanate's security services play a key role in the safety and well-being of the Omani people. This interactive experience provides an overview of each unit, their uniforms and the roles and functions they hold in Omani society.

Middle East rock art

Oman National Museum · Mardi8

Interactive installation