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National Museum of Norway · Mardi8

The Norwegian Nasjonalmuseet is dedicated to telling the story of the Norwegian people in all its dimensions: crafts, archaeology, visual arts, sociology. Each room of the Museum houses a facet of what constitutes the Norwegian identity.
Femme Fatale Studio was in charge of all the interactive devices of the permanent tour of the Nasjonalmuseet. Tactile tables offering didactic content and playful experiences to the visiting public.

Production in progress, scheduled to open in 2022.

The cabinet and the wide world

A 17th century high society cabinet: a delicate piece of furniture, made of precious wood and superbly crafted... A door at the crossroads of all exchanges, opening onto a vanished world of trade and commerce across the globe. A real cabinet of curiosities containing in its drawers manufactured objects from the four corners of the world. 
Open each drawer of this cabinet and discover what marvels are hidden inside, what exotic treasures and incredible stories are revealed before your eyes.

Creating an art collection

Christian Langaard was one of Norway's leading collectors of art and crafts, and is now the largest donor to the National Museum. Like many other Norwegian industrialists, he devoted part of his fortune to building up a priceless treasure trove of exceptional works of art, and then bequeathed this legacy to the public and to his fellow countrymen. 
Through a vast historical and chronological narrative, the experience proposes to follow the life of this exceptional man who contributed to shape the cultural heritage of his country.

Mythological metaphors

The myths of Antiquity tell us about heroism, fateful fates and fatal mistakes. Can you identify the characters and change their fate? Explore the myths, take your place among the gods, change the destiny and decide the fate of these ancient heroes.

Geological treasures

Oman National Museum · Mardi8

Interactive installation