• Websites
  • Virtual reality
  • Animation films
  • In situ installations
  • Augmented reality
  • Video games


  • Strategy
  • Artistic direction
  • User experience
  • Technical development
  • Motion design
  • Photography

On the edge of art, design,
and innovation,
we imagine devices
as many stories
to tell the public.

Femme Fatale,
it’s a sense of aesthetics
and the depiction,
associated with the statement
of a bold personality.

  • Arnaud Desjardins

    Creative Director

    More than an interface designer, Arnaud sees himself as a creator of universes, conveying stories and images. With his head filled with Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he creates solutions like animated interactive pages provoking emotion in the public. All this on the border between art, craft and technological innovation, always with a guitar within arm's reach.
  • Michel Peneau

    Technical Director

    Michel manages and oversees the technical aspects of all the studio's projects. Always on the look-out for new technologies he aprehends code as another of his artistic and creative practices. It is surrounded by a talented technical team that he strives to give life to the studio's new ideas.
  • Thibault Jorge

    Head of Production

    Thibault pilots projects at Femme Fatale, and proudly braves the storms of pixels which regularly batter us. But project management not having been his childhood dream, he also works in the studio as an interface designer for mobile apps and websites, where he strives to make them as intuitive as they are aesthetic. And when he is not in our office, it's because he's bought yet another flight to photograph the world.